Playing Chicken!

As it turns out, games involving poultry are not all games of skill. Shocking, huh? My two young daughters helped me test-drive the only two chicken-related games I could find. And I looked everywhere. By all means, let me know if you have one that we missed.
I must admit that “Baby Chicks” is rather cute and my three year old gets a kick out of it.  Although the fun only lasts as many minutes as the age of the youngest player. Trust me.
Each player begins the game with a nest and seven eggs. The object of the game is to get five chicks in your own nest.
Each egg has a different colored chick on it that corresponds to colored mama hens on the sides of the die. Cute.   
One player rolls the die and everyone turns over one of their eggs to reveal the baby chick on the other side.
If the color of your baby chick matches the color of the mama hen on the die, you add it to your nest.
  When one player amasses five fluffy butts, they win. Hooray!  Next please.

UPDATED to add: One of my favorite new iPhone apps is ‘Chicktionary.’ If you like word games, you’re going to LOVE this one!

 I had to make a thirty second video of this next game. “Don’t Count Your Chickens” bills itself as providing “hours of clucking fun.”  Try two minutes at best. It takes longer to set it up than it does to play but the concept is cute, so it’s got that going for it.



we totally have this game, my daughter especially has a thing for eggs. and we love chicks!


Peaceable Kingdom makes a game called 'count your chickens.' All three of my littles enjoyed it

Robin Spencer

I have a baby chick that is less than a day old and seems to have it's insides coming out of it's bottom!!! What is this and what can I do about it?
Robin Spencer


Can you email me a picture of it, Robin?

Michael Hooker Tran

AWWWWWW i wonder where April is 🙁 And im getting buff orpingtons in August or September. The Eco Broody thing looks adorable and very easy to use!


We have a game called Chicken Coop Dominoes. You can find it online. The grandkids and kids like to play it.
Cindy in Seattle