Giveaway Winners

Giveaway Winners at The Chicken Chick®
Winners, please claim your prize(s) within 14 calendar days of the end of the giveaway by sending your mailing address to
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FEBRUARY 12: KIM KEENAN, A Brinsea EcoGlow 20 Brooder, a bag of Koop Clean litter from Lucerne Farms, a pair of Brooder Bottle Caps from The Chicken Fountain  and a bottle of Big Ole Bird Probiotics from Southland Organics!

FEBRUARY 16: HOLLY GORDON, a Brinsea EcoGlow Brooder!
 Brinsea EcoGlow Chick Brooder

FEBRUARY 19: BRITTANY HELTON, a Grandpa's Feeder!

FEBRUARY 26: HEATHER O'CAIN, the Chicken Fountain!

MARCH 3: VICKIE HILBERT, a Vetericyn Wound Care treatment spray prize package!

MARCH 3: CHERI MOSHER, Chubby Mealworms!
MARCH 11: MAGGIE ROBERTS, a Cozy Coop Flat Panel heater!
 Cozy Coop Flat panel heater
MARCH 12: KIM, (kimeez email addy) a pair of Sloggers boots!

MARCH 18: JOHN STONE, a Grandpa's Feeder!

MARCH 24: TERI WOLFORD, MARTI HILL & RACHEL MILLER, have each won a pair of Brooder Bottle Caps from The Chicken Fountain!
MARCH 26, PHILLIP AIELLO: a Brinsea Mini II Advance fully digital 7 egg incubator!
 Brinsea Mini II Advance fully digital 7 egg incubator