Flock Focus Friday, 6/28/13

Blaze (Black Copper Marans rooster) returned home from the vet hospital yesterday . Although his illness is still a mystery, he seems to have improved and is eating & drinking independently. The girlz miss him.

Summer bounty
Brutus (Mille Fleur Serama rooster) held down the fort while Blaze was out of commission.
Doc Brown (White Crested Black Polish pullet)

Windy (Blue Splash Marans hen) She’s got some genetic issues including a defective shell gland, which causes her to lay funky eggs and crooked toes
Aurora (White Leghorn pullet)
This little guy will be re-homed soon as we are over our rooster limit already. He is a cross between a Black Copper Marans and a Wheaten Marans.
With temperatures in the 90s this week, photos of this past winter make me thankful for the heat even if the chickens aren’t.

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