Flock Focus Friday, 3/27/15

ellen deHeneres (Marans hen) at The Chicken Chick®
The expression on ellen’s face sums up the way we all felt at the beginning of this week as snow greeted spring here in New England. Opportunity has been knocking on my door all week and I can’t wait to be able to share all of the goings-ons with you as they unfold! 
The expression on ellen's face sums up the way we all felt at the beginning of this week as snow greeted spring here in New England.

Windy, Blue Splash Marans hen.
Windy, Blue Splash Marans hen.
 Speckled Sussex fluffiness. (Kate)
Speckled Sussex fluffiness. (Kate)
Eggs: all in one basket.
Freida, White Silkie hen.
Freida, White Silkie hen.
 Midge (Barred Plymouth Rock pullet)
Buelah (Barred Plymouth Rock pullet)
It's Friday. Woo-hoo. Where's the coffee?
I'm a survivalist: I can order coffee in six languages.
Coffee: because prison orange is not my color.
You had me at "coffee."
Coffee keeps me motivated until it's acceptable to drink wine.

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Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick®


Patty steed

Would love to try Scratch and Peck feed

Lisa Welsh Kanney

Please enter me in the contest! Thanks!!

Gwen Elizabeth Lutz



Just subscribed. Want to enter contest.

Chubby Mealworm

Kathy, I would like to enter a contest with that ‘Sweet pea’ stuff you keep the coops smelling like roses! LOL I simply cannot tell you how much I enjoy your link. I like to use the expression, chubbly mealworms, when asked what’s for dinner. Am recuperation from a fractured ankle. Osteroporosis is nasty! Keep smiling. My friends, many comics, enjoy your birds a lot, especially those coffee jokes! Ali

Jeramy Lee

This is our first time with chicks. How neat to get them started off right with non GMO feed.


Kathy, I am not entering a contest. I desperately need advise!!! My hen that is about a year old has swollen, dark wattles. She is eating great playing acting normal. I have read so many different things. Help?? Thank you, Lisa


Love it!


I subscribe….still time to enter?

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