Autumn Leaf Rosette Wreath

   The beauty of fall foliage here in New England is always so short lived, so when I saw a Pinterest project that utilized autumn leaves in a unique way, preserving their beauty, I went right outside and began gathering leaves!  
The materials are simply freshly fallen or picked leaves, a glue gun, ribbon and a piece of cardboard (frame, optional).

The leaves should be pliable in order to bend them in the manner required. 
 I had begun removing the stems from the leaves when I remembered that my four year old loves to cut ANYTHING with scissors, (her sister’s homework, hair, the usual) so I enlisted her enthusiastic services. She was a brilliant, little helper, which expedited this fairly time-consuming project.
Determine the size of the wreath desired, then trace 2 circles & cut out the wreath form.(the circumference of my mini wreath was 4.5″)
Hot glue leaves to the cardboard, covering the sides.
Begin making the rosettes by folding a leaf in half along the
center vein (pretty side out) then begin rolling. 
After starting the center of the rosette, fold top edge of the leaf down and away from the center slightly to create a fuller-looking rosette.

The rosette on the left was made WITHOUT folding and has a more flat appearance. I prefer the look of the rosette on the right, which was made by folding, but both will work.

Each rosette will require  2-5 leaves. It’s good to have a variety of sizes.

When the desired rosette size is achieved, place a dab of hot glue

on the top edge to secure the end.

Determine the height of the rosette desired, then snip off the excess.

The bottom edge should be level.

I made a 4.5″ wreath form and my rosettes were 1.25″ long.


Add hot glue to the bottom of the leaf and begin placing on wreath form.

Tie a piece of ribbon or tulle to the top and tie onto an empty picture frame if desired.

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Alli Smith

Would have never guessed that the rosettes were leaves! Such a clever idea! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday!


Congratulations…this post was featured on Create It Thursday #22! Thanks so much for sharing such an amazing idea last week!

Denyse @ Glitter, Glue & Paint
Denyse @ Glitter, Glue & Paint

Oh goodness, Kathy! I thought those were dried roses. What a clever idea. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursdays.


Christy James

This is so pretty! I love how you made the rosettes out of leaves…makes your wreath the perfect fall colors. Thanks so much for sharing at our Get Your DIY on Party! Next week's theme is Thrifty Upcycles, I hope you can share with us again! It all starts Sunday at 7:00 est! 🙂


Great question, Jen! I was shocked to find that they retained the vast majority of their color one year later and I have had it hanging in a bright spot in my kitchen. Really cool.

Jen Y

This is so beautiful. How have the leaves held up as they've dried? have the kept their color?

Andi Filante

This is gorgeous! And I love chickens and want some for my very own! And I would name them George. 😛



Really creative! That wreath is adorable! Thank you for sharing at the Dream*Create*Inspire party!

Mrs Major Hoff (Sara)
Mrs Major Hoff (Sara)

What a beautiful wreath, and how resourceful to use leaves around you. It is so meticulously made, I'm impressed with your patience! I'm sure it is very treasured! Thanks for linking up to the Dream*Create*Inspire party!


Love the creativity! Super fun project for Fall! Thanks so much for sharing on the DIY Sunday Showcase.
Cheers to you and yours,
Therese @ Fresh idea Studio