DIY Sugar Scrub with FREE Printable!

DIY Sugar Scrub with FREE Printable!
My winter hands appreciate being treated to a decadent coconut oil sugar scrub occasionally, but the thrifty DIYer in me knew I could make it myself easily, so I experimented with a few simple ingredients and came up with a combination I loved enough to give as Christmas gifts last year!  You can’t beat this scrub for exfoliating and moisturizing dry skin, or as a thoughtful, handmade gift any time of year!
The only essential ingredients are sugar and coconut oil – the remaining ingredients are up to your imagination! My current favorite sugar scrub combination is lavenderbergamot and vanilla bean, but orange zest and clove oil is an amazing combo too! 

DIY Sugar Scrub with FREE Printable from

¾ cup coconut oil 
1 cup sugar
20 drops lavender oil (optional)
20 drops bergamot oil (optional)

Seeds from ½ vanilla bean (optional)


Slice whole vanilla bean in half, then slice one half lengthwise and scrape out beans with back of paring knife or spoon.
Add vanilla beans and all remaining ingredients to a stand mixer bowl.
Whip on medium high until light and fluffy.

Store in covered, 8 oz wide mouth canning jar.
Place adhesive label on top of lid and tie raffia or ribbon around jar lid.
DIY Sugar Scrub with FREE Printable from
DIY Sugar Scrub with FREE Printable from

Use directions: scoop out 2-3 teaspoons of sugar scrub, work gently into hands, then rinse with warm water. 



Linda Sue Ross

warm babies

Susan Dengler

What a nice incubator! Happy New year!

Melissa Payne

This is the only chicken site that I have come to trust. Never been steered wrong. Thanks so much! With the bitter New England cold the EcoGlow would be great for those truly bitter nights. I don’t normally heat my coop, but when its -10+ I get worried for my girls. I just added 3 new hens to my flock, mostly for warmth.

Cindy Jackson

It would be great to know how much/quantity this recipe makes overall!!

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