Flock Focus Friday, 10/24/14

Speckled Sussex hen
It was hatch week here and three Serama chicks joined our flock! I hope you enjoy a few of their first photos as well as a peek at the rest of the backyard residents.
autumn in New England

Serama chick hatching

 Serama chick hatching

Serama chick
Serama chick
Serama chick
Serama chicks
Red Dorking cockerel
Buff Orpington hen
Red Dorking cockerel, Black White Faced Spanish pullet & Silver Laced Wyandotte cockerel 
Black Copper Marans hen
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I really enjoy your blog, pinterest info and facebook posts. Your information is fantastic. I love my chickens too! 😉


I'd love to win, your blogs are great!


It's cold; we NEED heat…

Sereda Chandler

This would be so nice to have for new chicks coming this spring.

Ryan daymude

I would love to win this so when i start incubating ill have something for my broode. Love the chicken chick.


Love your site, and your giveaways are awesome.

Cathy Smith

I would love to win this.. excited about raising more chicks.. come spring.. have enjoyed my first 6 months now with my first time chickens 🙂

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