The Chicken Chick®: Rustic Winter Window

Dec 18, 2013

Rustic Winter Window

A set of found windows has been living in my basement, waiting to be given new life and this week, I turned one of them into a winter decoration with minimal effort and no expense. Using materials from Christmases past, I transformed a beautiful, old window frame into sparkly holiday wall decor. Here's how:

an old window frame
staple gun & staples
wired garland
2 screws

I saw it as a personal challenge to remove the glass from the window without breaking any since most of what I read about the process suggested breakage was likely. With nothing more than a flat head screwdriver, the ancient seals were chipped away and victory was mine.
Once it was glass-free, I lightly sanded it to distress the edges a little. Two screws were then attached to the back of the frame, around which the picture-hanging wire was wound.
 (pink afghan, optional)
The ribbon, garland, snowflakes and stocking were stapled to the frame. 
I placed some rope lights behind the frame as it hung on the wall, which gives it a pretty effect at night.
 By far the most difficult part of this project was photographing it indoors, but Mother Nature provided a little help and inspiration with a pre-Christmas snowfall and a few glimpses of sun this week. 
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  1. michele woods12/18/13, 8:12 PM

    Its beautiful!! Makes me want to go right out and grab the ones I have and do something. Think I feel a weekend project coming up.

  2. TheChickenChick12/18/13, 8:41 PM

    Thank you Michele. :)

  3. Simply stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Robin Howard Cramer12/18/13, 10:25 PM

    I had a bunch of old windows like that. I painted three snowmen in the windows and sold them. I wish I could find more because there are always a use for old windows. I love what you did with your window!

  5. TheChickenChick12/18/13, 10:29 PM

    Sounds cute. Thanks Robin!

  6. TheChickenChick12/18/13, 10:30 PM

    Thank you Barb!

  7. I'm sharing an Edible chicken garland: I found it at Fresh eggs Daily.

  8. TheChickenChick12/21/13, 12:28 AM

    Thanks Kelly!

  9. This is so clever, my mother would love it!

  10. I did one also. I took an old print of a farm scene, stapled it to a piece of cardboard,, then stapled it to the back of the frame, and hung it on the wall. This was a pictures of a barn, tractors, farm animals, and mountains, country living, It looks like you are really looking outside at the scene...I really did like that one

  11. I absolutely love old windows. I have 6 of them and not sure what I want to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration. Linda

  12. foody schmoody1/1/14, 11:48 AM

    Thanks for sharing this project on TheWednesdayRoundup It's being FEATURED today! Be sure to come by and grab your feature button. Congrats!

  13. TheChickenChick1/1/14, 11:04 PM

    Thanks so much for the feature! I grabbed my button and am displaying it proudly on my post. :)

  14. Denyse @ Glitter, Glue & Paint12/4/14, 9:14 AM

    I absolutely LOVE this!!!. Thanks for linking up to Project Pin it. I will be pinning this to the Project Pin it board on Pinterest.


  15. I stopped in from AllThings Link Up and I absolutely love this! I am a crafter (I sell my items), blogger and pinterest addict and I have to say this is my absolute FAVORITE project I found this year. I doubt I will be able to create it this year but I LOVE it!

  16. Thank you, Tina! I would love to have you link up at my Clever Chicks Blog Hop if you'd like! Here's this week's party:
    Thanks for visiting!

  17. Brenda Reese12/6/14, 7:10 PM

    Great idea. Looks so charming. I made 4 of you chicken wire ball lights! My 2 year old neighbor loves them!