Flock Focus Friday, 11/1/13

 There is no prettier time of year in New England than autumn and as the last of the colorful leaves fell from the trees this week, we said goodbye to the amazing color palate until next year.

Rachel, my Bantam Cochin Frizzle, finally emerged from her molt. Her feathers are more vibrant than ever!
Calista Flockheart, (Tolbunt Polish Frizzle) one of my Partridge Plymouth Rock pullets & Blaze (Black Copper Marans rooster).

 Freida (White Silkie hen)

 Windy (Blue Splash Marans)


 Calista Flockheart and Ally McBeak (on roost) both Tolbunt Polish Frizzles.

 Iris, (Olive Egger pullet) in her first experience as a broody hen, adopted a variety of chicks that I hatched in the incubator and slipped underneath her after dark.
The ten chicks are either Black Copper Marans or Olive Eggers.

 Black Copper Marans chick (left) and Olive Egger chick (right)

 Kate (Speckled Sussex hen) enjoys a dust bath in the run with some friends
as I spied on her through the pop door.

White Crested Black Polish chick and Spartacus (Mille Fleur Serama crossed with Red Sex link) who is Brutus’ son.

Jerry Seinfeld (White Crested Black Polish Frizzle)


 Sparky (Black Copper Marans cockerel) has found his voice recently and is a chip off the ol’ block. He sounds very much like his dad, Blaze. ♥


Thanks for joining me and have a great weekend!
The winner of last week’s Flock Focus Friday giveaways are:
1) Vetericyn Wound & Infection Treatment Prize Package: Eilene Corcoran
2) Happy Hen Treats Prize Package: Stephen Sofley






LOL! How'd you know I had a 40watt bulb in there. The second one has a 60watt. I thought the same thing and that why I switched.


Try using a 60 watt bulb, Joan. People have had success with the cookie tin water heater in temps colder than -15.


The cookie tin has worked out marvelously this winter. Water did freeze up inside the waterer during this polar vortex earlier this week but what can you do when it is -15f outside. Made a 2nd cookie tin warmer and screwed it underneath the coop area where there is an open run and it provides radiant heat for the chickens when they are outside. Thank you for all the great advise!


I love the pictures of the chickens!:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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