Flock Focus Friday, 10/11/13

The beginning of this week started with some rain, but that didn’t stop the flockers from getting out and about. Peak foliage is upon us here in New England and we are enjoying every minute of it.

The kids enjoyed a hay ride at the annual Fall Fest BBQ hosted by good friends.
A few of the late spring chickens have just begun laying eggs while the older flockers finish up their molt

 Rachel (Bantam Cochin Frizzle) is in the molt home-stretch!

A first egg from one of my Black Copper Marans pullets.

A significant milestone was hit on my Facebook page this week as the fan ticker hit the 50,000 mark! I have been blessed to be able to interact with so many wonderful people around the world daily, sharing our love and appreciation for backyard chickens.

When I wasn’t on Facebook or writing magazine articles this week, I was busy shipping Spruce the Coop Herbal Fusion. I had a little trouble keeping up with demand, but am now fully stocked and herbal pest control is on its way to nest boxes all over the country! 

 Spartacus, (Serama x Red Sex Link)  the son of Brutus and Vera, got named this week.
Look at how quickly he feathered out this week- the top photo was taken last Friday and the photo below was taken six days later.


Thanks for visiting and have a great week!

The winner of last week’s Flock Focus Friday giveaway of a BriteTap Chicken Waterer is: Linda Lee Eckert




just found your blog and I am sooooo loving it. I am in the process of building a chicken coop for myself and my 3 year old granddaughter.


You're a huge fan of my chickens??? What about me? 🙁 ROFL! Good luck, sister. 😉

susan ladner

Would LOVE to win the feeder. Thanks!! Susan Ladner, ladner309@bellsouth.net.

Marie Shanahan

You know I don't have chickens, but I read your page all the time & am a huge fan of your chickens! My good friend, Sarah Wiese, has chickens & she could really use the feeder, so I guess I am entering for her 🙂


My girls would love it

Faerytale Farm

Love your page and your blog!

Denise Allison Magil

would love to win seeing the chipmunks are u=in the coop days while girls out in yard

Chickney Park

I love reading your advice on so many things. Maybe you can help here. My chickens are unhappy and not laying as much due to the preponderance of rats that are loving the full goodies bar at our chickneyland barnyard. Disney could not outdo Chickney!! HELP! We need grandpa!! :))

Adair Knutowicz

Please enter me in for the Grandpa's feeder! Would love to put that in our coop for our girls!

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