Flock Focus Friday, 9/20/13

This week was packed with excitement! Two different batches of baby chicks hatched while many of you watched the live stream on my Ustream channel. If you missed it, you can still catch the live recordings here. The other major event was that my town’s Zoning Commission heard my petition to legalize backyard chickens. The live recording of those proceedings can also be seen on my Ustream channel here. The commission members were extremely receptive to my proposal and have tabled the matter so that they can read the literature I provided to them and to give me time to meet with the staff of the Zoning Department to tweak the text. 
 These were two of the three Polish Crested chicks that hatched from eggs shipped to me from Heavenly Feathered Farms in California.  More flattering photos can be found below. 
Doc Brown (White Crested Black Polish hen) is looking forward to meeting the new Polish chicks.
All of the older chickens are molting furiously, including Blaze (Black Copper Marans rooster).
 None of these pullets are molting, but they will next year at this time. I’m relying on them to pick up the slack in egg production while the hens molt. The pullet on the left is a Partridge Plymouth Rock, the one on the right is an Olive Egger
 Penny is an Olive Egger Pullet. 
 Rachel’s face (Bantam Cochin Frizzle) sums up how exhausting it must be to molt. She is in the final stages of her molting process.

 A shout-out to my friends at Cupola Hollow Farm up the street from me in Suffield, CT who dropped off this awesome tee shirt for me this week just prior to the Zoning Commission hearing. 
My presentation to the Suffield Zoning Commission lasted approximately 40 minutes and included a slide show of my coops and chickens. The questions they asked were very thoughtful and my argument was very well received by the Commission members.
The hearing was recorded live & can be seen below.

 Brutus (Serama cockerel)
 The pullet on the left is a Black Copper Marans.
 Calista Flockheart is a Tolbunt Polish Frizzle. 
 Doc Brown (White Crested Black Polish hen) caught in the rain.
 A Polish Crested chick, just hatched.
 Thanks to the hundreds of Facebook fans who offered name suggestions for this Olive Egger pullet.
Iris it is!
Polish Crested chick, hours old.
 Polish Crested chicks.

 These two cuties are Serama chicks and siblings of Brutus’.  Hatched from eggs gifted to me by Kristin of Two Llamas and a Whole Lotta Drama on Facebook. 
 Blue Polish chick.
Serama Peeps.
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