Flock Focus Friday, 7/12/13

Keeping cool was the name of the game this week. Wild weather included 80% humidity, 90°+F temperatures, torrential rains and two, confirmed tornadoes in the area. Thankfully, we are no worse for the wear and the grass and flowers

Ally McBeak & Calista Flockheart (both Tolbunt Polish Frizzles) keeping hydrated with The Chicken Fountain
Olive Egger hen (left, front) and Black Copper Marans hen (right, front). Tricks for helping chickens survive heat, here.

Marilyn Monroe, (White Orpington) wading to keep cool.

All in one basket.

Portia (Serama pullet) 
Windy (3 year old Blue Splash Marans) with crooked toes.
The rain wasn’t kind to everyone’s feathers. Calista Flockheart (Tolbunt Polish Frizzle)
These eggs will be blown out and sold for decorating.
The eggs’ contents are a great source of protein & will be fed back to my peeps.
Rachel (Bantam Cochin Frizzle)

I have won the fight for the right to keep chickens in my backyard, but the fight for the right for everyone to keep backyard chickens in my town continues. If you’d like to help, “Operation Home to Roost, Chickens For All” Blaze & Rachel tee shirts are NOW available! Help raise awareness of & support for backyard chicken-keeping, wear your Rachel & Blaze tee shirt proudly!

Shirt is unisex, white, 100% cotton.  Order here.

Thank you for your support regardless of the form!



Shannon Todd Hobbs

Would love to win this awesome brooder! ???

Renee Sturgis

Great blog, as always! Hope I win!

Deborah Paterson
As I returned from the grocery and not one but two feed shops trying to find chick starter grow (according to the first it's past that time so they no longer carry it) and had nothing but things for the chickens hubby continued to mutter all day "Crazy chick Chick". As per your suggestions I now have grapes in the freezer ready to go out, they had cold cabbage on their cabbage swing, fresh pumpkin from my garden, a rubber feed bowl with water and 2 frozen bottles, a tarp covered run for extra shade…oh and a blue mister. I… Read more »

A scale would be awesome to keep track of the eggs from my girls!

Jennifer LeMaster

My first ever chickens just started laying! This would be a great product to try! Thanks

Cotton Carol

Thank you for having such a great website, Kathy. It really has enhanced my chicken-keeping experience.

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