The Chicken Chick®: Clever Chicks Blog Hop #32 AND a Crayon Pretzels Tutorial

Apr 29, 2013

Clever Chicks Blog Hop #32 AND a Crayon Pretzels Tutorial

These Crayon Pretzels were used as party favors and were not only a big hit with the kids, they were actually very tasty!
My daughter was two when I threw her a crayon themed birthday party. She's five now, so I'm drawing on an ever-eroding mommy memory to piece together these tutorials for you. If you're a scrapbooker/stamper type, you'll find the crayon boxes a breeze to assemble. Not being the patient, precise, scrapbooking type myself, I thought they were a nightmare. The front of the crayon box involved a lot of Photoshopping of a crayon box image to come to my final design.
Crayon Pretzels Materials
Pretzel Rods
Wilton Candy Melts (5 different colors)
Copy paper in primary colors
approximately 4 cups of uncooked rice
large and small cellophane lollipop bags 

1. Place rice in a shallow pan and set aside. 
2. In a small, microwave safe bowl, melt one color of Wilton candy melts for 30 seconds. Remove, stir and repeat in 30 second increments until candy is liquid.
3. Dip first half of pretzels in candy melts, stick dry end of pretzel in rice & allow candy to set. 
4. Dip send half of pretzels in candy melts, stick dry end of pretzel in rice & allow candy to set.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 with all candy melts colors.
6. Print Crayon wrappers on colored paper.
7. Cut out wrappers, wrap around individual pretzels & secure wrapper with tape.
8. Insert one crayon of each color in a small cellophane bag.
9. Download crayon box template & following printing instructions onto yellow paper. Cut out, fold and tape (this was the nightmare portion of the project for me).

10.  These are the stages of rudimentary photoshopping and re-design that I did to the crayon box. The front of the box was not printed on the crayon boxes, they were printed separately and applied to the box with double-stick tape. 
11. Insert crayons in boxes and wrap boxes in large cellophane bags. Tie closed.

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 Oh Mrs. Tucker, NoseFrida.

Editorial Note: This is a public service for every parent of a baby or toddler: Get a NoseFrida before your child gets a cold. Trust me. Using one is no more gross than wiping a child's runny nose with a tissue and the relief offered to a congested child is priceless (particularly in the middle of the night). We used the NoseFrida with both of our daughters and I gift one to every expectant mother I know. When my babies became toddlers, they would hand us the NoseFrida to help them breathe when they were sick (as you can see my daughter demonstrating above <sigh>).

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    Today I'm linking up my first attempt to put words on a picture (ok, there's a recipe there too, and it's delicious and light, but I'm more chuffed about the words I managed to stick on the photo) Fish Taco Enchiladas. My dining room table is a battlefield on burrito nights, so to make peace in the family I baked fish pieces and layered them on a greek yogurt-dressed shredded cabbage bed, rolled it up, added a bit of my home-canned salsa verde, and a touch of Gouda, and baked it up. Very tasty. But the words on the picture! Someday I'll be able to get words like I envision them . . .
    In keeping with the tortilla theme (did you know we had a theme? just happened) I am also linking up Mu Shu Chicken burritos--without a photo of the Burrito Night Carnage that ensued. Paint the picture in your mind.
    Finally, a pizza, a rolled Beef and Mushroom FFF-boli just to change things up a bit.
    Thanks for hosting!

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