Clever Chicks Blog Hop #7

Never in my life have I been busier; with two small children, a husband, a dog, quail, housekeeping, volunteering, and caring for 60+ chickens, my “real world” days are full. Add to that my “virtual life,” which includes Facebooking, blogging, crafting, cooking, Tweeting, Pinning, Instagraming, eBaying, Etsying, YouTubing, writing for magazines and oh…running my own company and slowing down is a luxury. One of the things I appreciate most about hosting this blog hop is that it forces me to slow down for a few hours each week to visit and enjoy the creativity and perspectives of other bloggers. I invite you to join me in spending some time appreciating the talents of at least a few of this week’s party guests. I’m glad I did and I think you will be too.

Now…onto this week’s Featured Bloggers!

“Cheap and time consuming” are the adjectives used to describe this tea-dyed, coffee filter lampshade, made by Nicki at The Vintage Farmhouse, which means I absolutely MUST try it! Very clever ideas for using coffee filters that result in a feminine, elegant look.
Meet Draumur, the very handsom, Icelandic ram at Dancing Aspens Farms, posing with a few of his feathered friends. In addition to the striking photography, what struck me about this blog was their philosophy:  “Pasture management from the ground up.”  Erin states that she and her husband Mark believe that soil health contributes to plant health, which directly impacts animal health and that their role as shepherds is to care for their animals, the soil, water and biological community.
Paula, (aka: PMc) author of Call Me PMc, shared one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” recipes, Breakfast Pizza! It’s essentially a bacon and tomato quiche on pizza crust. Brilliant! And you know it’s going to taste delicious cold, hot or room temperature. Count me in!

This and That’s Photography, Black and White spoke to me as I am a sucker for both barn photos and black & white photography and Marlys’ post this week celebrates both.

Clever Chicks Blog Hop #7
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Sandy Barnes

So many great places to visit ! It's like taking a vacation, and not having to pack! I have been a follower of The Chicken Chick, and anything else I can find, that's "chicken"!

Sandy Barnes

Glad to see all these great places to visit ! I just love following The Chicken Chick, and everything chicken ! Have a great day !

Marylee Renfree

I voted for Happy Hens.  Still trying to find your link for the contest for a years supply of the omega 3 chicken feed though.


Thank you! 🙂

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