The Chicken Chick®: Halloween Graveyard Cupcakes

Oct 18, 2012

Halloween Graveyard Cupcakes

These graveyard cupcakes are a huge hit with my daughters' classmates every time I make them. They can be as simple or complicated as you would like them to be. Take as much or as little help from the baking aisle as you like. This year, I needed all the help I could get.

24 cupcakes
butter cream icing (purchased from my grocery store's bake shop)
cake decorating bag
 #3 and #233 decorating tips
Peeps marshmallow ghosts, cats and/or pumpkins (with toothpicks inserted in bottom)
Vienna cookies, separated, filling removed and cut in half
4-5 Oreo cookies, crushed
black icing (for writing)
green food coloring
plastic, spider rings (I bought mine at a local party store)

Tombstone cookies, ready for engraving.
Affix #3 decorating tip to the end of black icing bag or tube.

On flat side of cookie, write a little message on tombstone. Boo and RIP work for me.
Tint icing green.
Affix decorator tip #233 to decorating bag and fill bag with icing.
Icing the cupcakes may take a little practice with the grass decorating tip.
Place tip near the cupcake, squeeze, allowing the strands to drop onto the cupcake, release pressure from the bag while pulling the bag upwards. The pull and release motion will give more of a grassy look than an hairy look (we reserve the hairy look for Cookie Monster)

Press a tombstone cookie, spider ring and marshmallow Peep into each cupcake.
The Peeps need toothpicks to secure them to the cupcake so they don't fall over.

Sprinkle some of the crushed Oreos around the tombstone! (I added candy leaves that I picked up in the grocery store bake shop too.)

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  1. These are so great! Very festive!

  2. TheChickenChick10/18/12, 11:27 PM

    Thanks Tammy! :)

  3. TheChickenChick10/18/12, 11:28 PM

    Thanks, Jessy; they're fun to make and the kids LOVE them!

  4. haha way more than I'm willing to do. They look good though but I hate being in the kitchen. lol

  5. TheChickenChick10/20/12, 9:48 PM

    You could always assemble them in the dining room! LOL!

  6. Kim~Madeinaday10/24/12, 9:11 PM

    These are too cute. I will be featuring them tomorrow. Thanks for linking up.

  7. TheChickenChick10/25/12, 8:22 PM

    Fun! Thanks for the feature, Kim!

  8. Michele @ Neat Little Nest9/30/13, 11:01 PM

    Cute! cute!

  9. These are so fun! I can see why the kiddos love them! I hope you'll bring them over to the All Things Thursday Blog Hop and/or It's Fall Y'all parties. Hope to see you there!

  10. Jamie @ Huckleberry Love10/3/13, 9:20 PM

    So, so cute! I love these so much!

  11. DianaRambles10/3/13, 9:34 PM

    Very cool!

  12. TheChickenChick10/8/13, 12:58 AM

    Thanks for visiting, Stephanie!

  13. I can see why these are a big hit with the kid ( and kids at heart) crowd! They are spooktacular Cathy! You are an awesome mamma! Thank You so much for sharing at the Fluster Buster Party! Have a great weekend, Lizy party co host

  14. Cassidy Bradshaw10/18/13, 4:01 PM

    These are so cute!!! I would seriously LOVE for you to come share this on my link up at I also adore the little chicken/Pinterest icon :)

  15. TheChickenChick10/18/13, 10:25 PM

    Thanks for the invite, Cassidy- I'm all linked up! :) I'd love to have you join my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop. Here is this week's link:
    I hope you can make it!

  16. These are so cute, I would like to share this with my linky party I am doing on Thursday. I will just post the picture with a link back to you for details if that is okay.

  17. Bonnie @ The Pin Junkie10/24/13, 11:10 AM

    This is a great Halloween recipe! Thanks for sharing it at The Pin Junkie LinkParty. This recipe was featured in aHUGE Halloween roundup. Hope you canstop by to grab a button and let everyone know that you were featured on The Pin Junkie.

  18. TheChickenChick10/24/13, 9:01 PM

    Thanks for the feature, Bonnie!!