The Chicken Chick®: Salad Dressing Easter Eggs: Simple, Marbled Beauty

Apr 3, 2012

Salad Dressing Easter Eggs: Simple, Marbled Beauty

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs
I have a new favorite way to dye Easter eggs! To say that this technique is simple is an understatement. My daughters and I thoroughly enjoyed creating these gorgeous, marbled Easter eggs with basic salad dressing ingredients and food coloring. What follows is my spin on Martha Stewart's concept.

Salad Dressing Easter Egg Ingredients
2 cups warm water (MS uses 3)
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 tablespoon olive oil 
Food coloring (MS uses 15-20 drops of liquid food coloring; I tried the liquid colors but far prefer the results from Wilton icing gel colors)

Wilton Gel Food Colors
MS used hard cooked, white eggs and dyed them first in a pale color. I used pre-colored, fresh-from-the-hen eggs in blue, green, white and brown hues, most of which were hand-blown.
Egg drying rack made with common pins and foam board.
My 4 year old made the MS drying rack with common pins space apart in 1" blocks.
egg drying rack made from an egg carton and toothpicks
2 toothpicks bound with masking tape, stuck into an egg carton works great too.

We made MS's egg-drying rack from foam board and flat-head pins. It worked, but no better than my egg carton/toothpick drying rack, which I've used with my blown eggs for years.
Swirl food gel through the water, vinegar, oil mixture with a fork without dissolving it completely.
In shallow dishes, add the salad dressing ingredients, gently and briefly swirling a fork through it. I found that the best effects were achieved when undissolved particles of the gel coloring remain on the bottom and edges of the bowl.
Gel food coloring flecks in the mixture make for dramatic effects on the Easter Eggs
Gel coloring particles
Briefly roll an egg in the salad dressing, remove and dry with a paper towel. Roll or dip in additional colors if desired.
Briefly roll an egg in the salad dressing, remove and dry the Easter egg with a paper towel.
This technique was simple enough for my 4 year old to master.
Dry marbled Easter egg in paper towels after coloring.
Dry with paper towel.
Easter eggs on drying rack made of common pins and foam board
Hard cooked eggs do not require additional drying after wiping off with the
paper towel, but the inside of a blown egg will. 
Marbled Easter eggs retain a glossy sheen from the oil even after being wiped dry!
The eggs retain a glossy sheen from the oil.
Marbled Easter Eggs
Even the mess leftover after making marbled Easter eggs was beautiful!
Even the mess at the end was beautiful! 
My Easter wreath on the little coop.
Happy Easter from my peeps to yours!
Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick®
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  1. Those are beautiful! I should try those this weekend. Wish I had this last week when all the Wilton supplies were 1/2 off at Hancock Fabrics.

    1. Thanks Sharon! These are the easiest colored eggs you will ever make and perhaps some of the most beautiful!
      I used blown eggs so that we can enjoy these for years to come. Let me know how yours come out!

  2. Those are truly beautiful eggs! When the colours were mixed, they looked marbelized too! So cool :)

    1. Thanks Kaylin! We had so much fun making them.

  3. Wow, what a wonderful idea! They are all so incredibly beautiful. Can't wait to try it!! Thank you :)

    1. It is amazing in its simplicity. I can see myself breaking out the gel colors again this week. It's not a big production to do just one or two colors and they're dry on the outside as soon as you're finished wiping them off. SO fun!

  4. Not sure Im understanding the drying process. Do you dry they off as soon as you take them out of the dye? What is the drying rack for if this is the case? They are beautiful and want to try it without messing it up

    1. They are dried off as soon as they are removed from the dish. The drying rack is for the blown eggs as the liquid on the inside needs to dry out. The rack isn't necessary though.

      There really is no way to mess up this project. Have fun!

  5. Buffy Smith4/7/12, 8:25 PM

    These are absolutely beautiful!

  6. I will have to do this with my Grandkids when they come for Easter. Thanks

  7. So beautiful.  I cant wait to try this with my kids..

  8. My children are grown, but I still enjoy decorating Easter eggs. Thanks for showing me 2 new creative ways to do so. Now, time to get my hens in full speed egg laying mode!

  9. Wonderful! I just LOVE the wreath too! So delicate, so pretty...a MUST have for me!! 

  10. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  11. Wow! Very impressive! Would love to have you post this at our Give ME the Goods Monday party.

  12. TheChickenChick3/27/13, 11:42 PM

    I'm linked up Chelsea, thanks for the invite!!

  13. Your being featured tomorrow with this post! Come by & grab your featured button & link up again this week if you like! Thanks for joining in & sharing how easy it is to marble eggs. (Happy Easter btw)

  14. I'm so glad you linked up for WW so I could find you! My 9 year old daughter absolutely loves chickens. Our neighbors have some that visit our yard and she talks to them, feeds them, holds them, and sometimes even gets them to sit in the chair next to her. Some call her the Chicken Whisperer lol.


  15. TheChickenChick3/29/13, 1:27 AM

    Very sweet, Paula. Let's talk about when you're going to get your daughter her own flock! :D

  16. What a fantastic idea! So simple and they turn out so great! Pinning this for next year! :) You are a Featured Favorite on Saturday Show & Tell at Cheerios and Lattes this week, thanks for joining us last week, we love having you! Can't wait to see what you've been up to this week!
    Mackenzie :)

  17. TheChickenChick3/31/13, 2:31 AM

    Thanks so much for the feature, Mackenzie!

  18. LOVE them!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality last week!

  19. Teresa Riddick3/19/14, 10:10 PM

    definitely going do this

  20. Colleen Rhodes-Golub3/24/14, 11:05 PM


  21. Diana Raidy3/28/14, 4:19 PM

    Beautiful! Your Easter wreath is awesome!

  22. Those are GORGEOUS! Going to give this method a try for Easter.

  23. TheChickenChick3/28/14, 5:57 PM

    Thanks Kelly. They're a lot of fun to make.

  24. Ann Marie Wallace3/28/14, 6:08 PM

    Very cool can't wait to try this for easter

  25. Crochet Hooks3/30/14, 6:24 PM

    too neat! they look totally fab. I think the grandbabies would love to do this!

  26. Mine did not come out very pretty. I'm not sure of the method to color them. I followed the recipe but the eggs barely took color and didn't have the pretty marbling. Also I should have followed your advice of using 2 toothpicks taped together. One toothpick, even with small blown eggs was not strong enough to support them as they dried.

  27. Julie Sellmeyer4/15/14, 11:26 AM

    Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Pat MacDonald Piroska4/15/14, 2:43 PM

    these are really pretty. going to have to do these.

  29. TheChickenChick4/16/14, 12:48 AM

    Did you use gel food coloring? The liquid stuff isn't going to give you an impressive marbling.

  30. Beautiful! I'm trying this tomorrow!

  31. TheChickenChick4/18/14, 11:16 PM

    Let me know how it goes, Julie!

  32. need to try thjis