Nov 7, 2011

The Boston Poultry Exposition, November 6, 2011

"The Boston Poultry Exposition, since 1849, America's First and Oldest Poultry Show." This is the place for poultry fanciers to be on the first Sunday of November every year. I had been looking forward to this 162nd annual event for months, having reserved a vendor table for my business, Egg Carton Labels by ADozenGirlz. I received a text message from my husband on the way to the show, gently suggesting that I should resist the temptation to return home with new chickens. I made no promises.
 After seven days without electricity due to a freak, autumn snow storm rendered most of the state of Connecticut withouth power, I was happy to escape to Massachussetts and put the week's harships behind. Upon arrival to this beautiful farm, those troubles began to fade.
We were greeted by this beautiful, rooster ice sculpture, which became something of an altar to the Power of Poultry, as eggs laid throughout the show were placed reverently upon it.

This is the exhibition hall. What this photo does not depict is the cacophony generated by birds that rendered conversation difficult at times. I was most amused by the bantam roosters trying fervently to have their voices heard above the din. 
My merchandise table, strategically located beneath a sunny window, which provided just enough heat to ensure that my gloves could remain in my pocket.
The sales of chicken hats was brisk, although this was not quite the intended customer. That beautiful, little bantam Polish hen was a most patient pet.

This judge clearly enjoyed his work. He could often be seen smiling at and talking to the birds.

This was an beautiful Araucana hen that was shown by a college student from Connecticut who breeds them for love of the breed. Note the rumplessness that is one of the hallmarks of this breed.

And the tufts that are the other hallmark of Araucanas. The gene that carries the tufted trait is a lethal gene that makes hatching these birds extremely challenging.

The ever-popular raffle portion of the day's events. I rather enjoyed the view of the kids in the crowd wearing our chicken hats  (that most of them had convinced their parents were required attire).
The birds packed up for home after a hard day's work of being beautiful. 

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