The Chicken Chick®: Holy egg, Batman! How'd the hen survive this delivery?

Aug 8, 2011

Holy egg, Batman! How'd the hen survive this delivery?

The girlz have been in 'run lockdown' for the past 48 hours and they staged a collective temper tantrum in protest. They ordinarily free-range from dawn until dusk but due to unprecedented predator losses this month, we had no choice but to call a moratorium on yard privileges. Until we get these coyotes under control, that's just the way it has to be.

An 'egg strike' was then called and who can fault them for that?  There's only so long they can stage an egg strike before someone explodes, so the next day, they were forced to report to work as usual. Egg strikes are not without consequence. Check out the size of the egg that resulted. It's difficult to provide photographic perspective on the enormity of this thing; it's not just the length, but the girth and weight that make this a marvel. Weighing in at a whopping 85 grams (3ounces),  it's a wonder that the hen who laid this thing isn't in the hospital on a morphine drip.
The following YouTube video is typical of  an "egg song" my girlz sing routinely. I'm glad I missed whatever primal, chicken vocalizations were emitted while that beastie was working its way out!



  1. I've had 2 eggs that big, and boy just picking it up hurt!! lol It was so big it wouldn't fit in a extra large carton.. Poor girl...

    Love the dark brown colored eggs you have..

    Shawn Poole

  2. Thanks, Shawn. Those dark brown eggs are from my Black Copper Marans. It's difficult to find some place to get the dark layers from (you'll never find them at a hatchery) but I get mine from Check out their site for photos and pricing if you're interested.

  3. It was indeed a double yolker!

  4. Wow! my hen just laid a 3 oz and I went online to check if this was a "normal" occurance. NOT.. I must say this particular hen produces this size egg quite often.. Lucky Day :-) Hopefully she does not get egg bound one day. I know of no one who would perform emergency surgery on a chicken.